4 Steps to a Successful ERP Software Implementation - Prove Before You Purchase!

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A few years ago, a Standish Group study reported that 50.4% of IT implementation and customization projects in companies with less that $200 million in annual revenue were NOT successful. They were challenged, meaning they were over budget, over time, and/or did not deliver the promised functionality. Moreover, 21.6% of projects were cancelled and only 28% were successful in all their goals. Not good odds.

The good news is there’s a superior way to approach your financial management system implementation (including project accounting or job costing). It’s called the Plan > Prove > Purchase > Perform approach and this Microsoft Dynamics SL partner has done it on every implementation!

Here’s how it works. The Plan > Prove > Purchase > Perform approach means your implementation partner plans your solution, uses your real data, and then proves to you that it meets your business requirements. You see a working solution—not a theoretical demonstration—before you purchase. Then, once implemented, your company performs with new efficiency.

Synergy Plan > Prove > Purchase > Perform Approach

1 – Plan: Your implementation partner uses their knowledge of your industry to plan the project. They start with a thorough Needs Assessment to determine the best solution for you.

2 – Prove: A good partner creates a proof-of-concept system (prototype) with your general ledger accounts, customers, vendors, projects, etc. You confirm the system actually does all the critical functions your require before you purchase!

3 – Purchase: Only after the solution is planned and proved, do you get the final purchase proposal.

4 – Perform: You are enabled to outperform your previous system. New efficiencies for employees, managers, and executives increases customer satisfaction, profitability, and your competitive edge.

Synergy Business Solutions has been using the Plan > Prove > Purchase > Perform approach since its founding in 2003 and has never had a failed implementation!

By Synergy Business Solutions, a Microsoft Gold Enterprise Partner on the West Coast.

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