10 Budget Solutions in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Pull real-time metadata from Microsoft Dynamics GP or SL with OneStop Reporting (OSR). OSR is a robust financial report writer that uses Microsoft Excel as a platform allowing you to take advantage of all Microsoft Excel functionality.  Report Designer builds reports which are Excel Templates. End User enters budget in Excel Template. Full Circle Budget (FCB) is an Excel Add-in that saves your budgets directly to Microsoft Dynamics from Excel without having to perform an extra step to import.


10 Budget Solutions in Microsoft Dynamics GP (SL) using OSR and FCB:

· Calculation Integrity
OSR uses Microsoft Excel functionality. Calculations are saved in Excel templates and cannot be modified by end-user.

· Difficulty Using Baseline Data or Known Data
OSR’s metadata provides a live and seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP (SL) allowing you to include historical data in budget template.

· Security
OSR Admin module provides security at any account segment level. Thus an end-user will only have access to their centers/departments when they run the budget template. Similarly, certain accounts can be excluded such as Salary accounts.

· Issues with Budget Level Granularity
Using a combination of OSR and FCB, budget templates can be designed with line item detail. Comment lines also are available for end-user to explain budget detail.

· Endless Linking
No linking is required since OSR’s metadata provides a live and seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP (SL).

· Lack of Analytical Capability
Since Microsoft Excel is the platform for OSR, a designer has the ability to use all excel functions combined with historical comparisons when building a budget template.

· Version Control
No need to worry about multiple versions of the budget template saved on user’s computers since the Budget Template is an Excel Template that is read-only.

· Mass or Global Updates
Should the designer decide to modify the budget template, the next time the end-user runs the budget template all changes will be reflected.

· Importing Budget to Microsoft Dynamics
When the end user completes their budget entry and saves, FCB uploads budget to Microsoft Dynamics GP (SL). The key to making this work is that the account number, budget ID and period are stored somewhere in the excel template.

· Reporting on the Final Product
Use OSR Report Designer to build a real time Budget Summary report.


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By: Mary Schmidt, T3 Information Systems, www.t3infosystems.com Washington, DC Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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