Reprinting Accounts Payable Remittance Forms in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Beta

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It’s inevitable working as an accounts payable staff; sooner or later, one of your vendors is going to lose the check stub or remittance form that went along with a payment detailing all of the invoices that the check was applied to.  This is followed by the vendor calling or emailing looking for the information you already sent them.  While several tools can be used for this — including various inquiry windows and custom SmartList objects — sometimes a nice email detailing these items out or a screen shot just isn’t enough, and the vendor wants a report mirroring that of the original check stub or remittance.  While custom reports have been built to accomplish this, a check stub or remittance reprint has been an item missing from Microsoft Dynamics GP’s quiver of stuff to make life easier.  Until now…


In Microsoft Dynamics GP version 2013 Beta, Microsoft has released a feature where a check remittance can be easily reprinted.  From the Purchasing module, both the Transactions by Vendor and Transactions by Document can be used to locate the given payment record and that record selected to open the transaction in the Payables Payment Zoom window.  New to the 2013 Beta release is the “Re-create Check Stub” button (please see screenshots below).


Clicking this button will launch the Reprint Check Remittance report, recreating the original payments remittance form.  This form can be printed off, or if Adobe Writer is installed, emailed directly to the vendor requesting the information.


Keep in mind that this is still Beta software, but my hope is that this feature makes it into the production version once released.


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By The Resource Group - Washington Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner.



2 thoughts on “Reprinting Accounts Payable Remittance Forms in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Beta”

  1. Likely the payments made prior to the last upgrade do NOT list the details. It seems that clients that upgrade and get that new feature of ‘Reprint Checks’ only see the detail list of vouchers on the checks issued after the upgrade.

    Thank you,

    The Resource Group

  2. Hi Mike,

    I tried to re-print the remittance usign the recreate check stub but I'm not getting the list of vouchers that were paid.

    It came out blank.


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