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As Microsoft Dynamics GP is poised to offer a cloud-based solution, it's interesting to look at some of the reasons companies give for not implementing an ERP solution. According to the Aberdeen Group, cost is one of the most important factors when manufacturers decide to forgo ERP software. In a study completed in 2011, Aberdeen notes that while total-cost-of-ownership is important, it's not the only factor.

The Aberdeen study also points out that companies lacking IT expertise will stick with home grown apps rather than maintain complex ERP software. The Aberdeen Group reports that 68% of respondents who were not using a commercial ERP solution said they were still relying on a spreadsheet app. Kind of amazing.

So one would think that cloud ERP would be more appealing. And Aberdeen confirms that there's a bump in interest in outsourced ERP software solutions.

One of the differentiators with Microsoft Dynamics GP is that it has a multi-pronged approach. For those with the IT experience, Dynamics GP can be hosted in house. With Dynamics GP 2013, expected for release this month, companies without the IT admin expertise will be able to access GP in the cloud using the new Web Client and eventually with Microsoft's Azure service, Dynamics GP can reside in the Microsoft-flavored cloud hosting service.

And what about spreadsheets?  Dynamics GP allows users to export reports in an Excel format, which as the Aberdeen study shows, is still a convenient approach for many companies. Your organization will be able to oversee financial management in a manner that your employees are comfortable with.

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