Five Reasons to Register for Panorama’s 2013 ERP Boot Camp

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Does your ERP project team know enough to successfully choose and implement ERP software? Chances are your ERP team members may be lacking skills in at least one or two essential areas, which make them perfect candidates for Panorama Consulting’s 2013 ERP Boot Camp! Panorama’s intensive ERP training is renowned in the industry as the ideal learning opportunity for ERP project managers, sponsors, leads and SMEs and team members either starting on – or well into – an ERP implementation.

Scheduled for March 20-22 in Denver, Colorado, ERP Boot Camp is a must for anyone eager to gain expertise from the world’s leading independent ERP consulting firm.  As one past Boot Camp participant commented, “It is a great opportunity to take a step back from our current project to get a greater understanding of the big picture.”

If you’re not quite sure if ERP Boot Camp fits into your organization’s implementation budget, here are five convincing reasons to attend:

  1. Because you’ll spend three days interacting and collaborating with ERP experts, thought leaders, software vendors and Panorama’s own independent ERP consultants. Training is informal and personalized so you will have many opportunities to build relationships and network with presenters and experienced ERP professionals. You will also have the opportunity to participate in group exercises, critiques, case studies and Q&A sessions with industry panelists.
  2. Because we cut through the sales hype and industry jargon to give you the truth. Our speakers provide you with honest and thoughtful answers to your questions about true ERP software capabilities that you won’t hear anywhere else. As the leading independent ERP consulting firm in the world, Panorama takes great pride in giving unbiased, vendor-agnostic advice and insight.
  3. Because ERP project management requires an investment of time, effort and resources. Every ERP project manager should recognize the value of providing comprehensive training to project team members. When team members have little or no ERP implementation experience, organizations can trust Panorama to provide the education and insight necessary for ERP success.
  4. Because we’ll provide expert advice that you won’t find anywhere else. Presenters will discuss ERP project fundamentals from a unique perspective gained from decades of collective experience. Discussion topics will include ERP implementation strategies, ERP vendor selection, organizational change management, benefits realization and more!
  5. Because, in addition to all the fantastic opportunities above, you will be treated to a private, one-on-one consultation with Panorama’s team of ERP experts! Panorama’s independent ERP consultants will sit down with you and your team at the end of Boot Camp to personally discuss any remaining questions, issues or concerns.

Designed to equip even the most experienced project manager with additional knowledge and insight, ERP Boot Camp stands alone as the premier interactive ERP training event. If you are interested in attending Panorama’s 2013 ERP Boot Camp, be sure to register before January 31, to take advantage of our early bird registration discount. Still have questions? Call Panorama at 720-515-1377 to find out more about this unique opportunity.

Register today for ERP Boot Camp!

By Guest Author, Jennifer Aldrich: A recent graduate of Colorado State University, Jennifer Aldrich is an analyst at Panorama Consulting Solutions. She has served as a public relations intern at The Salvation Army as well as a director of RamPR, a student-run public relations firm at CSU.

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