Don't Run the Automatic Payroll Tax Update in GP Without Considering This!

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 There were changes to U.S. Payroll Taxes as late as November in 2012, while some of those same states already have tax changes in 2013 too.  So, be sure you ONLY have the 2012 Payroll Taxes in your system while running the last payroll run for 2012.  If your system is updated prematurely with the tax changes for 2013, then your last 2012 tax amounts for your paychecks will be incorrect.

Microsoft does a great job at providing the Payroll Tax updates to their customers as soon as they are aware of the impending changes, and the government has made up their mind as to when they become effective.  In 2012, state tax changes in Payroll came as late as November 30th.   U.S. Payroll Microsoft Dynamics GP customers are told to consistently update their environments for those changes.  However, since there are already changes available for 2013 Payroll Taxes, customers need to do those same updates BEFORE running paychecks for 2013, but AFTER running the last 2012 payroll run.  The first round of 2013 payroll tax file changes is available from Microsoft as of December 21st, 2012.

To run an update for the Payroll Taxes, a user goes to the Microsoft Dynamics GP dropdown within their system.  They navigate to Maintenance > U.S. Payroll Updates > Check for Tax Updates.  The next screen asks if they want to run the Automatic or Manual update.  If you use the automated process, it will pull the NEWEST file.  In most cases, that is absolutely fine - but in the case mentioned above, the client needs the NEXT to NEWEST file until they run their last payroll.

So, to ONLY update the taxes for 2012, customers will need to run the MANUAL process, and select the appropriate .cab file for 2012 from the Microsoft Customersource Website.  Once they run their last check run, THEN they can go back to the automated process to grab the newest 2013 tax updates.

If your Microsoft Dynamics GP partner is not supplying you with this type of proactive information, contact Collins Computing.  We send out notices to all payroll clients anytime updates will affect their implementation, along with providing Newsletters, Customer Blogs, Free Customer Webcasts, and complete support, training, development and consultant services.

We can't wait for our customers to take advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 enhancements, especially our clients who are using - or WILL now use Payroll and Human Resource modules included in the base package with the new perpetual pricing model.

By Abra Gilman, Senior Consultant, Collins Computing, Inc.  - Count on Collins, Count on Success

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