Video: 4 Key Benefits Achieved with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Picture, if you will, a worldwide distributor of wireless networking and voice and data solutions, operating eight regional offices, employing nearly 200 employees, and serving more than 90 markets worldwide.  Sounds complex, right?  Well, add the complexity of rapid business growth increasing annual revenues from $30 million to $64 million over six years.

With that growth, Winncom’s Sage MAS 90 system struggled to scale. “As our business grew, the requirements from management became more complex,” noted Vladimir Fedorov, Director of Finance at Winncom.  Stemming from its technical limitations, the Sage MAS 90 system posed other challenges as well. The system could not automate order processing and track vendor rebates, forcing Winncom to perform manual processes, which only became more complex with growth.

To support its growth and meet the more stringent business requirements, Winncom understood that it could either customize its existing Sage MAS 90 system or implement a new enterprise resource planning system.  To accommodate the growth, Winncom deployed Microsoft Dynamics GP, and taking full advantage of the extensibility of the system, also deployed Dynamics CRM and select third-party add-ons to create a fully automated, end-to-end distribution system.

4 Key Benefits Achieved with Microsoft Dynamics GP

#1 – Achieved a full ROI in six months.

#2 – Improved the level of customer service and drove sales by 10-15 percent by automating the rebate process.

#3 – Automated and streamlined common tasks, reduced errors from 15-20 percent to only 0.0001 percent and dramatically decreased order processing time.

#4 – Improved financial management and gained real-time insight into operations. Now all business information is stored in one database and updated in real time giving comprehensive insight into operations.

“With Microsoft Dynamics GP, very difficult processes are handled in a simple way.  Everything is straightforward, with minimum data entry and maximum visibility,” continued Fedorov.  Watch this short video to hear Winncom tell their full story.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Case Study: Dynamics Consultant,BCG Systems, Inc,. and Winncom Technologies

Video: 4 Key Benefits Achieved with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Impressed by what you heard?  If so, we invite you to speak with one of our Dynamics consultants and explore how you can obtain better visibility and more control over your business operations.

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