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Productivity can mean a lot of things to an organization and workflows make increased productivity possible. Using the right software such as U-LINC®, along with your existing software, you can achieve even more productivity with your business operations.

U-LINC is easily customizable to specific workflows or processes that your unique business uses to keep activities steadily moving along. From simple tasks like entering timesheet data to more complex tasks like providing a customer product or service, U-LINC can provide a clear step-by-step process from start to completion.

For example, you can set up a multi-step process for routing invoices. Create the workflow and designate tasks to the people who are involved with getting invoices drafted, approved, and then mailed out to customers. As each step is completed, a notification is sent out to the next person with an assigned task. When a customer project or service is completed, accounting can be notified to create a draft invoice. The invoice is emailed to the project manager for approval. Once approval is made, the invoice returns to accounting with or without changes, and the approved invoice can be mailed to the customer. Instead of making phone calls or following up in meetings, activities can be automatically routed to the right people and can be completed much faster. The workflows also create an audit trail, so you can evaluate transaction history at any stage in the process.

U-LINC provides added control and streamlines any process or activity that a business uses. This software is easy to use and modifiable for your specific business needs. You can use the workflow templates provided or customize your own workflows. Automating common processes will build efficiencies and save time that your team can use for other important tasks.

Add a whole new level of productivity throughout your organization with the right technology.

U-LINC will give you the peace of mind that internal processes and customer projects are being completed in the right order, by the right people, and will be completed as quickly as possible. Watch demos and contact Integrity Data for more information about adding efficiency and improving productivity throughout your business with U-LINC.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics ISV Partner out of Illinois

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