Tackling End of Year Havoc with Payroll Management

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It’s almost that time of year again – the dreaded year-end when you need to get taxes and W-2s all organized and sent out.  Don’t panic yet, you can make your year-end run much smoother with the right tools.

Before you go running for the hills, conduct an assessment of what exactly causes the bottlenecks and delays in your year-end reporting.  What exactly is it that keeps you at work late at night when preparing year-end tax reporting?  There are reliable solutions to these problems that you can quickly implement so that you can complete year-end reports without all the hassle.

Your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software should be able to capture and organize all of your payroll and related data into any number of reports that you might need at year-end.  Microsoft Dynamics® GP, for example, offers sophisticated business intelligence and rich reporting functionality that can make year-end reporting go pretty smoothly.  However, some businesses have complicated payroll posting requirements - not all payroll entry is the same from one company to another.  Employee time might be split between accounts or product lines, employees may be on leave during the year for military or medical reasons, or you might have mid-year or period rate changes for employees.  These are some of the payroll headaches that can cause delays when figuring out year-end calculations.

Luckily, there are software modules created by Integrity Data that you can add to your Microsoft Dynamics GP to address some of these common payroll complications.  You can easily configure posting rules so that employee time is split between accounts properly each and every time by using the Employee Accounts and Splits module.  Calculating leave benefits is important, but can also be difficult when you have a large employee headcount.  The Comprehensive Leave Manager will keep leave time allotted properly and accurately whether you have a few employees or hundreds.  Save time and get direct deposits or W-2 statements to employees faster through email by using the Employee E-mail Suite.

Managing payroll data is critical to your employees and your business.  Let Microsoft Dynamics GP handle standard payroll operations and use the add-on solutions by Integrity Data to iron out the wrinkles when payroll gets complicated.  Once you determine what is causing your year-end headaches, then contact Integrity Data to see which of their software solutions can alleviate the year-end havoc with payroll management.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV Partner

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