New White Paper: 25 Brilliant Ideas to Outsmart Your Competition with Microsoft Dynamics ERP

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Do you think that ERP software is only for managing debits and credits? Are you looking for more strategic ways to get value from your current ERP system?This new white paper from the ERP Software Blog highlights 25 ways real companies are using their Microsoft Dynamics ERP system to outsmart and outpace their competition. Any one of these ideas may work for you!

Twenty one ERP Software Blog authors submitted entries from a variety of industries including a food manufacturer, an engineering firm, a restaurant chain, a physician's clinic, a non-profit, a correctional facility, an auto parts distributor and many more. Each example of increased productivity is connected to the way it builds their competitive advantage.

Examples include:

  • An Office supply distributer that uses their true cost of inventory to win pricing negotiations.
  • A long term healthcare organization that shaved a full month off the budgeting process.
  • A food manufacturer that minimized the costs and impact associated with product recalls.
  • An oil and gas company that can measure the profitability of 100+ delivery trucks.
  • A wholesale restaurant equipment distributor that reduced warehouse staff and decreased fulfillment time by more than 50%.
  • A marketing agency that easily manages complex subscription billing, growing from 16,000 to 100,000 subscribers without increasing expenses or headcount.
  • A truck part manufacturer that uses a Digital White Board to set the production schedule and automatically assign jobs.
  • A Hollywood studio manages credit limits and collections to maximize profitability of rented space.

Download this insightful and engaging white paper to spark your own brilliant ideas on ways to use ERP software to outsmart your competition.

Download the white paper PDF now at

Too busy to read? Then download the MP3 audio file and listen at your convenience, also at

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