Microsoft Dynamics GP Standard and Professional Users Get Extended Pack Free

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I just found out that customers on old Standard or Professional versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP will automatically get the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Starter Pack AND Extended Pack when they upgrade. It is kind of like buying a Honda Civic and then being told you were eligible to trade it in for a new Mercedes but your repair bills will stay the same.  But let me give you some background to explain why this is so important.

Customers who purchased Microsoft Dynamics prior to 2006 bought under Module Based Licensing. This means they purchased specific modules (such as GL, AP, AR) separately based on their needs. After 2006 Microsoft changed to Business Ready Licensing which was based on users not modules. Customers paid one price for each concurrent user and this license included access to ALL the modules in Dynamics GP.  With the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Microsoft Dynamics is changing to the Perpetual Licensing model. This new simplified pricing model for Dynamics GP is also based on concurrent users.

Here are the terms you need to know to keep it all straight:

Hint: If you are not sure what licensing model you have look at your customer information in CustomerSource. If your system is called Professional or Standard then you are on the old MBL pricing model. If it says Business Essentials or Advanced Management then you are on the new BRL model.

For many years we encouraged our customers to transition from MBL to BRL licensing because they would receive so much more functionality. Microsoft regularly ran promotions to make the transition even easier. But it was not required so there were always a few hold outs – and we still have many customers happily running Microsoft Dynamics GP on the old module based licensing plan.

But now, when an existing Dynamics GP customer decides to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 2013 they MUST move to Perpetual Licensing. They will continue to have access to the prior version license keys if needed but there is no longer the option to add users or modules on the old licensing model. Review what functionality is included in the Dynamics GP Starter Pack and Extended Pack.

Business Ready Licensing to Perpetual Licensing Transition

For this transition, customers will be mapped to the equivalent or superior functionality in Dynamics GP 2013. (You must be current on your annual enhancement plan of course). For example, someone on Business Essentials would receive the Starter Pack. But if they have even one module in the Extended Pack they would receive this too, at no additional cost.  (An insider tip is to plan now to make sure you get the most when you transition. Read the post: 7 Ways Existing Customers Can Save Money Before New Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Pricing Begins)

Because the starter pack includes so many additional modules that were formerly only available in Advanced Management every Dynamics GP customer is actually getting MORE functionality than they used to have. Read the post: Which Dynamics GP 2013 Modules Will Every Existing Dynamics GP User Receive Free?. And of course customers who own Advanced Management will receive the Starter Pack PLUS the Extended Pack in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

Module Based Licensing to Perpetual Licensing Transition

Sometimes procrastination does pay off! According to the official Microsoft Dynamics Transition Upgrade Policy Document ANY existing Dynamics GP customer using Microsoft Dynamics GP Standard or Professional Editions (under the MBL model) will automatically transition up to the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Starter Pack PLUS Extended Pack.  Normally the Extended Pack would cost an additional $10,000 (one time fee) to add it to the Starter Pack. But MBL customers get it for free.

Think about this - someone using a relatively inexpensive Microsoft Dynamics GP Standard system, that they purchased prior to 2006, with just a couple core modules, will now receive the deluxe, complete, most expensive version of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.  And the BEST part is that as long as these customers are current on enhancement plan they keep their Protected List Price (PLP). This means that their annual maintenance fees will not increase just because they have a more expensive system now. Now that is a great ROI!

That is why I said it is like buying a Honda Civic and then trading it in for a brand new Mercedes. And the Protected List Price means that Mercedes won’t cost you extra in the long run. Nice!

Of course, you should invest in some consulting and training by your favorite Microsoft Dynamics GP partner to learn how to use all this new functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

Are you ready for your new Mercedes? Plan for your Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 upgrade now.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut/Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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