Dynamics GP 2013 New Features - Web Client

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GP users now have the choice of accessing their GP data via the web. This 4 minute video shows how to log in to GP via the web.

Enter your username and password like you usually do with the rich client, and you will see the Web Client home page—that looks much like the one in your rich client for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. You will see the sections in the homepage like you are used to seeing in the rich client. Back in the Web Client you will want to open up SmartList so you can see the difference in the Web Client and rich client. The SmartList will look very familiar to you, except in the Web Client there are no longer buttons at the top for search, columns, and refresh. These buttons are located in the SmartList Options section. What is nice about GP on the web is when you export results to excel they will be on your local workstation instead of on the terminal server somewhere.

To look at the transaction entry screen on the Web Client, click the "Sales" tab and open "Sales Transaction Entry." Both the Web Client and rich client look the same, however, in the rich client the tabs to get to distribution and commissions goes away, the blue arrow you can click to get to the details will also go away. This video demonstrates some of the differences in the Web Client and rich client, and gives you an idea of what the Web Client is going to look like. This new Web Client feature is especially exciting for companies with users in remote locations.

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