Dynamics GP 2013 New Features – SSRS Reports on Forms

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This 3 minute video is about Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013's new feature—SSRS reports on forms.

A new feature of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is the ability to print SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Reports directly from a former window. All Dynamics GP users can utilize this new feature. Users may select to print a report from a standard set of SSRS reports included with Dynamics GP 2013, or they can print a custom SSRS report specifically tailored for their organization. SSRS reports can be produced from various windows across Dynamics GP. Users can simply select to print a SSRS report assigned to the Dynamics GP window or form and the report will generate using information retrieved from the window.

This video demonstrates the new SSRS reports on forms feature. Open the customer maintenance window and select a customer record. From the available reports droplist located in the top right-hand corner of the window to the right of the print icon, we see several SSRS reports available. Choose a report, such as the Receivables Aging Report, and the report will generate a chart. You can drill down on the current period and view the transaction details that make up the balance for the current period. You can also expand a particular transaction to see the specific document details. This is a powerful new feature that delivers relevant and real-time data to the user on demand without having to navigate away from the customer master record.

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