Dynamics GP 2013 New Features - Consolidated Invoicing

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Consolidated invoicing is a great new feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013! Consolidated invoicing allows you to create one invoice for multiple orders by the same customer. Watch this 3 minute video to learn more about creating a consolidated invoice.

Follow these simple steps to create a consolidated invoice in Dynamics GP 2013:
• To navigate to consolidated invoice creations, click the "Sales" tab and in the transaction area click "Bulk Confirmation." From here, chose your action of confirm ship, which documents you want to choose, and the grouping of documents by batch of order, document IDs or customer ID.
• Next, click the "Display" button. This shows all the orders that are in this shipped status.
• From here you indicate that you want to create the combined invoice. The "Type ID" is what type of invoice you want to create. The "Destination Batch" is the batch the invoices are going to go into.
• You will then have a single invoice for many orders. This feature saves you from having to write some kind of custom report to combine orders together into one invoice.

For more information about Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, or how to use the new consolidated invoicing feature, contact us!
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  1. Are there any third party applications or somewhat common customizations that will allow similar functionality in the 2010 R2 release?

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