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How often has this happened to you?  Your boss asks for an analysis (or you determine that you need one).  You figure out just what you need to see--maybe it's something like one of our sample reports--and either run it yourself or take your request to the IT department.  You get the report and it’s exactly what you asked for, but now that you see it, you realize that you need just one more piece of information.

Or how about this—you get your weekly sales report by customer and it occurs to you that most of the revenue comes from a few of the top customers.  So you want to see sales by customer for the last five years to determine the risk of losing any of these top customers.  Your ERP has the detailed data for the current year and the prior year, but to go back further, you’ll have to go to archived reports.

Or…you are looking at the cost of marketing campaigns in your CRM and you’d like to analyze revenue by number of months from the campaign start date so you can project revenue by month for campaigns in next year’s budget.  But the revenue is in your ERP.

Time to think about a business intelligence solution.  BIO business intelligence lets you create and modify interactive reports with just a few clicks.  Adding another column to a report can be done in seconds, without having to make your way through the IT bottleneck.  And BIO has efficiency boosters like an in-grid calculator, traffic lights, and on-screen filtering that save you time and effort.  With BIO’s advanced visualization tools, you can look at your business in ways that were difficult or even impossible before implementing BIO, enabling you to develop insights that can put your business way ahead of the competition.   

The BIO design and modeling platform lets you consolidate data from multiple Microsoft Dynamics ERPs, CRM, and non-Dynamics databases.  Our clients have combined ERP data with data from such applications as time and expense, manufacturing, retail, and commissions.  Other clients use BIO to consolidate data from multiple companies for reporting purposes.  BIO is used for compliance reporting, due diligence for business consolidations, and even for checking the data before it goes into the BIO warehouse.

We’ve just added 50 new sample out-of-the-box reports to our website.  These pre-programmed reports are included when you buy BIO, and are easily modified by the user to fit your business.  Take a look and see how BIO can meet your reporting needs.

Join BIO for a free business intelligence webinar to get to see how BIO business intelligence software can help you meet your reporting needs. And please contact me at 203.705.4648 or by email at if you have any questions about BIO or business intelligence in general.

By Sandi Forman of BIO Analytics, Corp., Microsoft Dynamics Business Intelligence (BI) Solution Provider

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