3 Reasons to Streamline Your ERP Solution

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To get the most out of your business management system, it’s important to stay current with your upgrades and software maintenance. This will make sure your systems are supported when new versions are released, so that your business can keep operating in an agile manner and maintain high customer satisfaction. But the process of upgrading and staying current isn’t easy when you have to deal with multiple vendors to maintain your multiple systems.  Putting off important upgrades because of this hassle means that your systems won’t stay in sync with each other at all times, which can put a glitch in your company operations, including order processing and inventory tracking.

Imagine what it would be like if your business management software was always running the latest version. Your company would benefit from the new features and functionality that are included in the current updates.  After all, good software companies spend lots of time and money staying on top of industry trends and market demands related to their solutions.

Here are three good reasons to move your business toward a single system that will streamline your operations:

1. Stay on top of industry trends and market demands

Making sure your systems have the latest features will help maintain your competitive edge, because you’ll be giving your customers the best buying experience available at the time.

2. Upgrade one system instead of many

Avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors to stay current. No more trying to keep track of which system is releasing a new version and when.

3. Save on maintenance costs

By working with one vendor instead of several different ones, you’ll save considerably on the cost of staying current.

As a result, your company will spend less time and money on software and systems, while making your processes and operations more synchronized and efficient every day.

The easiest way to move your organization toward a single, easily updated system is to find one vendor who can create a roadmap for how to get there, and handle all of it for you. While many companies make sure to keep their operating systems and servers, SQL Databases, SharePoint, and MS Office applications up to date, many neglect to also maintain their ERP solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX and GP.  Many applications within ERP systems are designed to integrate with these other applications, so it’s important to keep it current as well. This will ensure synchronicity across the whole organization.  When your ERP solution is upgraded to be compatible with the latest operating systems and other software, it will result in more agile operations for your business, and easier buying process for your customers.

It’s a complicated process to move your business away from multiple systems, and the headaches that come with maintaining and upgrading them. But letting your company be limited by lack of synchronicity will take its toll over time.  While there are many benefits of having a single business management system instead of multiple disparate systems, one of the most fundamental is increasing productivity and efficiency across your organization.

At OmniVue, we've helped hundreds of businesses streamline their operations and processes into a single vendor solution. If you’ve put off upgrading your systems for fear of incompatibility or uncertainty of cost, talk to us about how we can help.

OmniVue, Georgia Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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