We Have Business Analyzer—Do We Still Need BI?

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Business Analyzer is a welcome tool to view Dynamics data and delegate tasks to other users.  On the other hand, BIO is a fully customizable business intelligence solution, incorporating advanced visualization, value-added content, and a modeling and design platform that provide sophisticated BI functionality.    Business Analyzer is not going to take the place of a business intelligence solution.

While Business Analyzer is focused only on reporting, BIO goes beyond reporting, providing both out-of-the box and ad hoc reporting as well as a tool for the data explorer—the analyst who looks for insights within the data.  BIO lets you discover trends, correlations, and causes, giving you the information you need to run your business and the competitive advantage you need to take it to the next level.  BIO is a reporting and analysis solution that will satisfy the needs of everyone in your organization, from the one-click user to the most demanding analyst. 

Because BIO is more than a reporting solution and includes a full design and modeling platform, BIO allows you to customize the cubes, create user-defined hierarchies, and otherwise deploy a solution that is specific to your company or organization. 

Business Analyzer allows you to view data from a single Dynamics database.  BIO enables the consolidation of multiple Dynamics databases and the consolidation of Dynamics data with data from other applications such as operations, CRM, manufacturing, time clock, and retail solutions.  When combined with BIO’s built-in content—content like pre-defined reports, folder structures, naming conventions, calculations, hierarchies, and relationships—BIO users get an extremely valuable view of their data that is not available using Business Analyzer alone.

BIO will multiply the value of your Dynamics data and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your information workers, from the senior executive to the front-line worker. 

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