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In many offices, data sharing and routing approvals are often done by emails, in meetings, or even by walking files down the hallway to the next manager in line.  With the right technology, you can automate notifications and business processes and significantly cut the time spent on routing or sharing important data.  U-LINC is exactly the solution for eliminating these time-wasting bottle-necks and improving productivity.

U-LINC is workflow and notification software that can be added to most existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions and will streamline how data is shared throughout the office.   A workflow is a step-by-step process that you use to complete a task as simple as sending out a client invoice or changing vendor information, as complicated as getting approval to increase a customer’s credit limit, or as important as creating a new inventory item in the ERP system.  There are many specific tasks that require review and approval by sales managers, the accounting department, managers, and other colleagues.  Instead of sending out emails or setting up meetings, you can use U-LINC to route important documents and significantly reduce the time it takes to push through reviews and approvals.

U-LINC offers many built-in templates that you can use or easily modify for your own customized workflows.  You can also create your own workflows, making sure your business processes are mirrored perfectly. Simply define your task by choosing where to route your important data or document.  Once a colleague makes their changes or signs off, the task is then routed to the next colleague or back to you when the task is completed.  Using automatic workflows like those -made possible by U-LINC will speed up the review and approval process as well as ensure consistency.  You can be confident that certain tasks receive the level of review that is required and you have an electronic audit trail to prove it.

Spend less time walking the hallways or wondering where your document is within the review process.  Use U-LINC to improve productivity and use all the extra time you will save to spend with clients and growing your business.  Contact Integrity Data or sign up for a webinar for more information about U-LINC and how workflows can streamline your communication and business processes.


By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics Silver ISV Partner out of Illinois




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