Proper and Easy to Use Payroll Management is a “Must Have” for Your Business

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When you think about “must have” items, you probably think of water to drink or shoes to protect your feet. Similar to the necessities in life, payroll management is a necessity in business. Whether you have 2 or 150 employees, you need to make sure payroll is timely and accurate. You don’t want to shortchange your employees and you don’t want to lose money as a company due to manual errors.

One of our clients is on the large end of that spectrum with 150 employees in16 different departments. Each department submits time through a different method, making for a mess come payroll time. Gathering the data from these methods alone was a huge time commitment and then they had to manually enter that data into Microsoft Dynamics® GP so checks could be cut to their employees. As you can imagine, errors were plentiful, checks weren’t cut on time, and employees were getting fed up with the inconsistency.

Infinia Integrator turned out to be the “must have” for our client to streamline their payroll management. With just a few clicks, our client can import all their transactions into GP, reducing errors and saving hours of data entry each pay period. Our client also loves that it validates the information before the import and shows them exactly where any problems are. And since everyone is familiar with Microsoft Excel, the staff outside the payroll department doesn’t need training. They can use the same Excel spreadsheets they are familiar with to report their time. The only difference is they actually get paid accurately and on time!

Here’s a look at the Payroll screen in Infinia Integrator:

If you need to streamline payroll management, then visit our booth at the GPUG Summit in October to learn more about Infinia Integrator for Microsoft Dynamics GP or contact us for a free trial: or 260-485-0665 x 113.

By Tom Myers of Infinia Integrator, an Excel Integrator Solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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  1. Agree with your views.Payroll management is essential part of business.Maintaining payroll records and processing them accordingly is the key to maintain a healthy relationship with the employees by guaranteeing them proper payments.
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