Podcast: Microsoft Dynamics SL Solutions for Government Contractors

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Project based organizations like government contractors and not-for-profits, are implementing Microsoft Dynamics SL for its full suite of financial, project, and distribution capabilities.  The platform also improves the  project management by handling different types of cost structures and providing instant, real-time access to information and reports.

Dynamics SL allows for flexible configuration options to meet the most stringent requirements, often required by Government Contractors and Not for Profit Organizations receiving Federal Grants.  The system allows for distinct categorization of items to its cost objectives (direct costs, indirect costs and unallowables), automatic multi-tiered allocations of indirect costs across projects, analysis of indirect cost pools at actual versus provisional and timesheet audit, which complies with FAR and CAS requirements.

Microsoft has introduced a new component to the Dynamics SL platform that helps increase the service capabilities and ultimately, the profits of government contractors. In this audiocast: why Microsoft Dynamics SL is ideal for government contractors,  I provide information on available solutions and how to determine if they can help your business better accomplish its goals.

RSM serves more than 300 government contractors through our technology consulting practice as well as our audit, tax, and regulatory work.  Learn how RSM can help your organization; contact our professionals at 800.274.3978 or email us erp@rsmus.com.

By: Bryan Koo – Microsoft Dynamics SL Partner for Government Contractors


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