Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 to Reach Public December 1st

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In late October the Microsoft Dynamics team announced that Dynamics AX 2012 would become available to the general public on December 1st. The product will be available in 36 countries. The Dynamics team believes that the new release is part of an ongoing strategy to improve collaboration and agility for businesses.

Using Dynamics, businesses can attack global problems with a single solution that applies to the whole business. This “single instance” deployment reduces costs and gives multinationals a cohesive infrastructure. The new release also expands the product into 11 new territories, including Japan, China, Russia, Brazil, and others.

In order to keep information secure and avoid overload, Dynamics AX 2012 will introduce “data partitioning” features, allowing organizations to curate and selectively share data, all while using the same shared infrastructure. This will allow employees to share information within a partition, but not between partitions.

A data visualization tool called Power View will be incorporated into Dynamics' business intelligence capabilities. New Key Performance Indicators will also make it easier for businesses to manage the state of their company.

Employee management capabilities have also been improved upon. Talent management systems are aimed at finding the right match between candidates and skills. Managing open positions can now be accomplished with more control and visibility. The new-hire process has been streamlined. US customers will now also be able to run payroll processing internally if they wish.

The announcement did not include any hints as to when a cloud-based version of Dynamics AX will become available. Microsoft has previously announced that it plans to create cloud-based versions of all ERP products.

More details on this announcement can be found via a blog post by Christian Pederson, general manager, Microsoft Dynamics ERP as well as via a blog post by Kees Hertogh, director, Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

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