Increase Project Insight with Dynamics SL 2011 FP1 Enhancements

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In the latest version of Dynamics SL 2011, Microsoft realized the need for project managers to see the same data as project accountants. Microsoft created the Connector for Microsoft Project Server 2010 and Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 FP1 to help companies reduce manual data entry, reliance on spreadsheets, or locating data on individual desktops.

The Connector enables both sides of the business to interact and view the same data.  With the connector, project accountants can remove manual tasks including: setup of project and tasks, calculation of budgets, and resource synchronization and setup.  All the while, project managers can see the all project statuses and access project accounting information to make timely decisions.  Project Managers can also see how they are doing against the budget, determine the project and task net profit, and see billings against each project.

All of this is seen through a web-based dashboard that shows the status of projects. Projects are created in Microsoft Dynamics SL from inside Microsoft Project Professional 2010 (using Project Server 2010).  The new ribbon connects projects and tasks.

Benefits of the Project Connector include the ability to:

  • Create projects in Microsoft Dynamics SL using Project Server 2010
  • Easily create budgets for labor and revenue
  • View financials including billed information against project and task

The connector synchronizes Project Server 2010 and Dynamics SL 2010 in the following fields:

Microsoft Dynamics SL and Project Server 2010 Connector

To learn more about how to utilize the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 and Project Server 2010, contact SBS Group here, a Gold Microsoft Dynamics SL Partner and Master VAR.  Or, find a local Microsoft Dynamics Partner here:

By: SBS Group - Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner in New Jersey

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