In Microsoft Dynamics GP, Do You Waste Time Figuring Out Why Data Changes Occurred? Audit Them.

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Being the newest member of the Rockton Software Team, I was very excited to learn about their products. I was familiar with Rockton Software  from my previous role where I supported Microsoft Dynamics GP, but I did not, however, realize just how many fantastic tools they had. I have narrowed it down to three favorite tools, and Auditor is the tool number one.

 Auditor by Rockton Software: I love Auditor, and the ability to audit nearly anything. Auditor has the ability to find out who made the change, when it was changed, why it was changed, and track the old and new value. Working in support, I was often asked if there is a way to see who made changes to the system in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Sure, you could create a shadow table for every table you want to monitor, but it is much easier to just use Auditor and set up what you want to audit. Then, you can use SmartList to see the changes all in one place. This is certainly helpful when you need to explain things to an auditor.  I also love that you can audit a Dynamics GP window,  table, or SQL table with no noticeable effect on performance. Watch an Auditor Demo by Rockton Software to learn more!

 Stay tuned for the next two Rockton products!

 Written by Rhonda Sutliff, Product Specialist at Rockton Software.

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