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 Recently I had the pleasure of speaking to Christopher Tepper, Technology Sales Consultant, regarding a new Managed Health Care client of ours and the reasons why they chose Microsoft Dynamics GP and the TM Group.  This company was in the process of implementing a new medical claims system specific to their industry and needed a strong financial backend that they could tie into.  The claims software vendor had integrated to Dynamics GP before with great success and urged them to contact The TM Group as a leading provider of Dynamics GP for over 28 years.

A great strength of The Microsoft Dynamics GP platform is its ability to seamlessly tie into other line of business applications.  This allows companies the best of both worlds with tailored industry specific applications tightly integrated to a proven world class financial backend.  Previously the company needed to run reports and hand key the claims information into their accounting package.  The new solution provided by the TM Group is much more efficient and will greatly reduce errors as information is passed seamlessly between the two systems.


During initial meetings with this organization the TM Group also identified a unique requirement related to handling payments from multiple entities using a common paymaster.  The company needed to record claims in separate companies but cut the checks out of one.  This previously created issues with 1099 and other reporting.   In the past the company needed to manually export the data out of their accounting system, manipulate the data, and then manually import into a separate 1099 reporting package.  The TM Group was able to solve this problem by using a tool for Dynamics GP called Multi Entity Management from Binary Stream Software (  This tool allows Dynamics GP to maintain separate corporate entities within the same GP database simplifying processing while keeping the information separated for reporting purposes.  1099’s will now be processed directly out of the financial application, once again saving time and reducing errors.

The TM Group has been providing solutions such as these since 1984 and we can help you find the perfect combination for your growing financial software needs today!   If you are interested in learning more, or have a Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics ERP project that The TM Group can help you with, then please visit our website at or call 888-482-2864. We would be honored to design, architect, and implement solutions for your organization.

by Jennifer Swiderski, The TM Group, Michigan Microsoft Dynamics Partner



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