Attach It! With Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 FP1

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The newest release of Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 FP1 makes it easy for users to attach ERP documents to Dynamics SL data and screens. Using the newly enhanced Notes Icon now allows both entering  notes and associating files with specific information.

Where are the files stored?  Documents are saved to a Microsoft SharePoint location, a Dynamics SL Doc Share location (via SharePoint), or a Network location. Only the links to the location of the files are saved within the Dynamics SL database - no need to take up more memory.

Attaching files is easy and done in 5 simple steps:

1. Browse to a location and upload a document

2. Link to existing documents

3. Link a document to multiple records

4. Enter a brief description about each uploaded document

5. Drag and drop files to upload them

What kind of documents can you attach?  You can attach documents to Microsoft Dynamics SL data:

  • Attach documents to Dynamics SL screens
  • Use existing Dynamics SL notes feature to attach documents
  • Quick and easy access to information by storing documents electronically and not in a filing cabinet or office
  • Store or link numerous file types including scanned images, office documents, pictures correspondence and more
  • Provide fast access to supporting documentation for transactions
  • Store documents on a network or Microsoft SharePoint site for seamless sharing across the department

Interested in learning more? Contact SBS Group here, find a local Microsoft Dynamics SL Partner, or attend an upcoming event:

By: SBS Group  - Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics ERP Partner & Master VAR in New Jersey

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