6 Things to Consider When Buying Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP Software

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“It is impossible to win the great prizes of life without running risks.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Deciding whether to upgrade or replace your current Accounting or ERP Software solution can be a difficult decision.  In most cases, “cost” is a major concern. Microsoft Dynamics GP Software licenses are an important component in your investment, but licensing is only one portion of the cost of a system.

Other factors to look at are the costs of deployment, data conversion, implementation, third party software, training, and ongoing support.

Some of the questions you might ask your potential vendor might be:

  • What is your implementation methodology?  How can you assure me that all costs are being considered and included?
  • What Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are included as part of the overall solution?  What are the initial and ongoing costs associated with these vendors?
  • What options to I have regarding data conversion - how much historical data should be converted?  Can my team convert the data or will the vendor team?
  • What costs may be associated with reporting?
  • What costs are associated with training?
  • Can you tell me more about your ongoing support and maintenance plans?

These are just a few questions that must be addressed.  For more guidance on questions to ask before buying ERP Software, check out this white paper “30 Questions Every CFO Must Ask About the Cost of Accounting Software”.

For a high level estimate of your investment in Microsoft Dynamics GP, please use our “FREE” Microsoft Dynamics GP Quick Quote Tool.  It will give you a great starting point for assessing your potential investment in a project like this.

By Michael Ramatowski, at Turnkey Technologies, Inc. – Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP and CRM Partner

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