Why is My Dynamics GP Database So Big?

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Microsoft Dynamics GP is an ERP system and as such, owners intend to push as much data from their organization as they can through this one centralized system.  Managing the size of the database can be difficult.  The most important question is: What tables are getting large and what is stored in them?  For this most important question our clients use the Table Size Inquiry window.

Click here to view the window that includes the ability to inquiry any database on the Microsoft Dynamics GP SQL Server and return back a list of large tables. 

 The information returned includes record count, data size, the long descriptive name of the table, the physical name of the table, and how much space is dedicated unused space.  Armed with this information our administrators can more easily choose the type of file routines in which they engage that can reduce and offload transaction data from their ERP system.

For more information on how you can manage the size of your Dynamics GP database, contact Avastone Technologies at (920) 687-4797, or dynamicsinfo@avastonetech.com

 By Shane LaBarge, CPA, MBS, MSIS, Dynamics GP Consultant, Avastone Technologies LLC, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner – Fox Cities and Milwaukee WI

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