Struggling with the Dynamics GP Report Writer? Check Out the New Microsoft Dynamics GP2010 R2 Utility

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How many of us struggle with the Dynamics GP Report Writer?  How many of us say to ourselves, I wish there was a way I could take any standard Dynamics GP report, put it in a Word format where I could easily manipulate it, adding formatting options and then be able to run this report from Dynamics GP.  Up until now, we had to rely on templates which Microsoft created and included in Dynamics GP.

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP2010 R2, a new utility is now available.  It is called the Word Template Generator.  The set of reports that can have Word Templates associated with them is no longer restricted. It is possible to create a Word template for any report.

Use the Word Template Generator to create the initial Word Template for a report in Microsoft Dynamics GP. This utility saves development time because you don’t need to create the report template from scratch. The utility creates a template document that closely matches the design of the Report Writer report.

Check out the following article regarding this new feature,

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By: Jeff Bloch, RSM - New York Microsoft Dynamics GP Specialist

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