Microsoft Dynamics GP and Appolis WithoutWire™ (WoW) Warehouse

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Microsoft Dynamics GP and Appolis WithoutWire™ (WoW) Warehouse

Delivering the best value in manufacturing and distribution inventory traceability.

Many of today’s distribution management challenges remain monitoring operational costs, refining inventory controls, and increasing the visibility into your supply chain.  Visibility into your supply chain often extends to remote sites such as Field Service “trunk stock”, consignment inventory at your customer locations, or closets of inventory that satisfy unique logistical challenges.  To stay competitive, you need to improve your ability to predict and respond to customer changes in their product demands and needs. It is critical to choose the best inventory tracking technology to assist you. 

 Now you can have the best of breed financial and accounting solution, Microsoft Dynamics GP in conjunction with the best of breed inventory management, WithoutWire™ Warehouse (WMS) in a seamless, real-time integration providing the most in-depth inventory traceability solution on the market.   With the focus on mobile software applications, Appolis offers WithoutWire (WoW) as a Microsoft Dynamics GP application for warehousing and manufacturing management. WoW provides the control to the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse, tracks the process associated with transactions, and provides real-time web-based visibility on status and for reporting.

 The Microsoft Dynamics GP platform empowers you to make sound choices that have a direct influence on increasing your margins and improving your cash flow. Microsoft Dynamics GP is comparable in functionality to the high priced, larger enterprise based ERP packages.  Now with the superb functionality of adding compatible independent software vendors (ISV) like Appolis’ WithoutWire (WoW) Warehouse Management System (WMS), Microsoft Dynamics GP becomes a scalable, viable and even more affordable solution.

WithoutWire is built on the latest Microsoft platforms including:  Internet Information Server, SQL Server, .NET Framework, Windows Mobile, and Office Integration. By adopting the latest Microsoft product offerings, Appolis has been able to better leverage the leading technology to keep your investment scalable for the future.
But that’s just a start. The TM Group has teamed up with Appolis, the inventory software specialists and their latest technology, WoW Remote Inventory.  WoW Remote Inventory allows for tracking of inventory anywhere, anytime.  It allows you to utilize your existing infrastructure such as smartphones and your local Wi-Fi for a quick and affordable solution.  This product was developed to track one particular Customers MRO (Maintenance Repair Operations) consumption at their Clients Remote sites to maintain 24/7 business continuity. 


 Check out the video at:

WoW Remote Inventory provides these four key benefits:

1.      Tighter control of remote inventory levels with minimum and maximum replenishment.

2.      JIT supply for remote Clients to enable 24/7 business continuity.

3.      Lowest infrastructure (smartphones and existing Wi-Fi) investment.

4.      Real-time reporting enabling quicker invoicing and the most efficient use of cash.

Here is a solution that really works! Do you want to keep your inventory and warehouse management in check?  Let us help you solve your warehousing and manufacturing inventory traceability challenges today.  Please contact the TM Group today at or  To learn more about Appolis WoW solutions, please visit:

by The TM Group, Michigan Microsoft Dynamics Partner


2 thoughts on “Microsoft Dynamics GP and Appolis WithoutWire™ (WoW) Warehouse”

  1. This blog has great insights into Remote Inventory Management. The comment regarding "Customer retention" is right on. Why would anyone leave a smooth supply chain solution delivered at the lowest possible cost that provides you Just-In-Time inventory at (your remote) the Client site?? WithoutWire(tm) Remote Inventory is the simplest form of converging VMI (Vendor Managed) with CMI (Customer Managed)Consigned Inventory.

  2. The importance of pre-assessing inventory cost lies in the fact that a smooth demand supply chain is essential to retain a customer base. In such a scenario, the above described Microsoft Dynamic GP app can prove to fruitful while assisting in the management of the warehouse and manufacturing process.

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