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Getting time and expenses entered and processed through your ERP system seems like it should be a fairly easy process.  However, that isn’t always the case.

Connecting time entry data with the back-office system can drive up the cost of your ERP solution if you have to purchase a full user license for every employee entering time.  Waiting on employees to enter their time and expense information can slow down a number of internal processes, which can be a great hindrance to productivity if your people can only enter their data in certain locations.

There is a solution that can remove these stumbling points and make your time and expense processes as easy as possible.

Socius Time & Expense Processing (T&E) empowers your employees to enter time and expenses in a timely and convenient manner and be reconciled with your ERP data automatically because it interfaces directly with widely-used ERP solutions like Microsoft Dynamics GP.

This web based application enables your people to access the time and expense system anytime, anywhere online to enter their time quickly and easily.  The Time Entry module can be configured so that data can be entered in by each employee individually, or by one employee for many others.  Once entered, the data is integrated directly into Dynamics GP as un-posted batches in Project Time and/or Project Expense.  The T&E system can be tied to existing customer filtered projects and employee tables.

Time & Expense processing does not need to be time intensive or a major expense for your organization.  Contact Socius to learn more about our T&E solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP today.

By Socius, an Ohio ERP Partner

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