Customizing your Microsoft Dynamics GP Home Page

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Do you ever feel that you are working for your software? Are you constantly looking for ways to make the software work for you? Wouldn’t you rather have your software work for you—having the things you use frequently in one easy to find place? If this rings true for you, take just a few minutes and use these tips to customize your Dynamics GP Home Page, ultimately saving you time and making you more productive when working within Microsoft Dynamics GP.
On the home page, there are 4 main areas available to customize: Toolbars, Quick Links, Navigation Pane, and My Reports.

Toolbars: Customizing your toolbars is very beneficial if your company is registered for a lot of modules, but as a user you only reference a few of the modules. By modifying which modules you want to see on your toolbars and in which order you want the options, it can really save you time when moving around the system.

To do this, right-click on the blue menu bar, at the top of the Microsoft Dynamics GP screen, and select the desired module series so that a checkmark appears next to it. To further customize which options appear and in which order, again right-click on the blue menu bar and then select Customize. Choose the appropriate series from the drop-down menu and use the options to the right to make your changes.
Quick Links: This section of the homepage can really be a time saver by putting those specific windows used most often at your fingertips; instead of having to navigate through multiple levels of Tool bars, Quick Links lets you have a direct link to a Microsoft Dynamics GP window, a Web Page, or even an external file or program—all in one spot!

To add Quick Links, hover over the Quick Links pane, select the pencil icon in the top right corner of the pane, and then click the Add button to add new links. From this window, you can also modify the name of your link and change the order in which all links appear on the home page.
Navigation Pane: The Navigation Pane is on the very left side of your Microsoft Dynamics GP home page and acts very similar to the Quick Links. In the Navigation Pane, you can add a direct shortcut to a window. To do so, open the window that you want to link to, select File, and then select Add to Shortcuts. This can be done from just about any window in the Microsoft Dynamics GP system including third party products.

I personally like to have shortcuts setup on my Navigation Pane to the Mentor and Inspector products that are part of the Rockton Software Dynamics GP Toolbox. This keeps both products easily accessible to me when I am searching for a specific window or table information for reporting.
My Reports: This is probably my favorite area of the homepage. My Reports allows you to have links to those main reports you run most frequently. Similar to the other home page areas, you can have reports from Microsoft Dynamics GP added, but using Rockton Software’s Dynamics Report Manager (DRM), you can also add your Crystal, SQL Reporting Services, FRx, Management Reporter and Excel reports to the My Reports section. This is the ultimate time saver when you need to complete reporting quickly.

To add Microsoft Dynamics GP reports, click Add Reports from within the My Reports pane. A reports list will appear where you can simply mark the reports and choose Add To. To add a report from DRM, simply create a Launch Point in DRM to the Home Page.


By taking just a few minutes today to determine what it is you use on a daily basis and really tailor your home page, you can save yourself time tomorrow.

By Kris Berger, QA Development Lead at Rockton Software.

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