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Integration Meets Flexibility:
VisionForum & the Move to Dynamics GP in the Cloud

I was speaking with a potential client recently who, after politely telling me about his organization, asked me, “what’s your value-add?”  I hear this question all of the time, and inevitably I want to respond, “well, what value are you looking for?”  It's a shame that so many Cloud ERP consumers shop for what the companies tell them they need rather than what will really help them grow their businesses.

Not surprisingly, after digging a little deeper I came to understand why the gentleman was shopping around for financial accounting software this way: he was tired of hearing the same benefits about “the cloud” and wanted a way to cut through the sales pitch and talk about his needs, not ours. My story about VisionForum, an SMB who recently chose our solution for integrated cloud ERP, CRM and eCommerce was such a great way to help bring that client clarity I thought I would share it here.

VisionForum provides educational materials to more than 200,000 customers through its website, visionforum.com. Visionforum came to us in much the same way the gentleman above did: with an understanding of the security, scalability, and anywhere-access of a cloud solution. But without any clarity around why one solution was a better replacement for Quickbooks online than another. In other words, they were looking for that “value-add.”

As anyone familiar with us knows, one of our greatest distinguishing features is our subscription model that allowed VisionForum to avoid any major up-front implementation costs in lieu of a fixed monthly rate. They liked the idea of avoiding a huge capital expenditure, but were most concerned with the integrity of their eCommerce system and how well it could integrate with our cloud ERP and CRM systems.

So far as I know, no other Microsoft partner has the same technology and ability to connect to external systems that we do. We’ve been making the investment in ubiquitous integration for years. When VisionForum explained that they needed tight integration between their Americommerce data and ours, it was no problem to make it happen.
SMBSuite is uniquely positioned among cloud services providers because of our flexibility integrating your data. There’s rarely a need to make a major migration of data off of an eCommerce or CRM system your organization is already using. So you enjoy scalability in the number of users, smart capital management, and the chance to adopt a cloud solution in the manner most comfortable to you and your organization.

I know it’s impolite to answer a question with another question, but it feels good to know you can help clients with more than just a cookie-cutter solution, especially when so many of them feel stuck with something that just isn't quite right.  Then they find SMBSuite!. For more information about our flexible integration, subscription pricing or Dynamics GP in general, come and visit us or drop us a line!

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