Using Reminders in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 - Managing by Exception

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As organizations continue to thrive and grow, they will need to streamline their workflows and processes.  The TM Group has worked with many successful, fast growing businesses, which have turned to us to help them improve their processes and gain better efficiencies through the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions.  One easy way to better utilize your time and manage by exception is by using Microsoft Dynamics GP’s reminders which can automatically monitor a range of conditions that you define and notify you when they are met.

These reminders can easily be created on your own without having to incur any extra costs for custom reports or development. Setting up the reminder is easy, and very similar to setting a reminder in Microsoft Outlook. Once your reminder is created, it will automatically update the reminders section on your Microsoft Dynamics GP Home Page. Please click on this link for more information:  For example, Microsoft Dynamics GP users could set up a reminder to display items that have hit their reorder point, or customers that have hit their credit limit.

You can create reminders by using the SmartLists feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Another example of the use of a reminder would be notification of outstanding W9 or 1099 forms that need to be sent to all of your vendors. Using another great Microsoft Dynamics GP feature, the Letter Writing Assistant, letters can be quickly printed for those vendors highlighted by the reminder requesting this documentation using a Microsoft Word template. Utilizing the reminders and the Letter Writing Assistant, you can perform these tasks in just a few, easy clicks.

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