Different Default Printers for Different Reports with Named Printers

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Often users have very specific printing needs.  I have worked with clients in the past that use a third party add-on product that prints the MICR line on checks in magnetic ink.  Magnetic ink cartridges are typically more expensive than standard ink.  So they did not want all their reports and non-check printings to go to this printer.  (They also had no interest in switching out the toner cartridge after each check run). 

In order to accomplish this, we were able to utilize the Named Printers functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  This allows you to predefine to which printer specific reports will go.  You can set up a dedicated check printer (that contains the magnetic ink cartridge) and then you can set up another “default” printer for standard reports.

With Named Printers you have the ability to control where different print jobs will be printed.  Maybe you have a large report that needs to go to the fast printer each time it is printed.  Maybe there is a specific printer set up to print sales invoices on preprinted forms.  With Named Printers you can set these defaults up and then not have to worry about printing on the wrong printer, or wasting that expensive magnetic ink.

If you have questions about how you are using Microsoft Dynamics GP, or if you think Named Printers may be something you would like to learn more about, feel free to contact us at Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

-By Grady Burris - Sr. Consultant - Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

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