Addressing Hidden Screens on Dual Monitor for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Ever have the problem where Dynamics GP opens on a screen that doesn't exist for you?

The following technique addresses the problem caused when a normally dual screen computer is now running with a single screen and the application is opening on the now disconnected screen.


  1. Open the window's context menu.  This is the menu that is opened if you click in the top left corner of the window.  There are two methods you can use:
    1. Make sure the window has focus, either by asking it to open again; or
    2. Select it from the Window's Start bar.

Then press Alt-Space; or find the window on the Window's Start bar and Shift-Right click on it.

Click here to view steps 2-4, and other tips and tricks!

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By Al Schuette, Dynamics GP Consultant, Avastone Technologies LLC, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner – Fox Cities and Milwaukee WI


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