5 Things Existing Microsoft Dynamics GP Users Need to Do NOW Before Prices Change!

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Microsoft has announced a new "Perpetual Pricing" model effective with the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP '2013'. This change will affect both existing and new Microsoft Dynamics customers as early as October 1, 2012.  Some of these changes are “Crazy Good” for existing customers (see my tips below).

With this new pricing model, new customers will have a simplified pricing structure to peruse when purchasing the appropriate software package for their business. Basically there is a “Starter Pack” or an “Extended Pack” (see the full Module list here). But since there are major changes from the existing pricing model, there will be a transition for existing customers to map the pricing model to their company. One of our ERP Software Blog members has written an extensive post explaining the Microsoft Perpetual Pricing transition rules but I want to share some 'Tips' for Existing Microsoft Dynamics GP customers to consider before it's too late to take advantage of the opportunities.

  1. If a customer does NOT own the Integration Manager Module, but is considering adding it to their module list (retail $5,000), I encourage you to purchase it now. Once Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is released, the price for the Integration Suite is $10,000. Yes, it includes other items, but it still costs $10K.
  2. A company contemplating adding Payroll and Human Resources could WAIT to purchase the modules until transitioning and get unlimited employees for both within the new “Starter Pack”!  However, if Advanced Payroll or HR might be needed in the future, then I suggest purchasing Payroll for 100 employees now ($3,000) and Advanced Payroll at $3,000 since adding Advanced Payroll/HR will be $7,000 after 10/1/2012.
  3. If you envision purchasing Smartlist Builder soon, buy it NOW to save $50. Currently the module is $1,950; after 10/1/2012 it will be $2,000.
  4. If after updating to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, your company might need Returns Management or Project Accounting, the least expensive way to get those modules would be to add "Available to Promise" (for $2,000) now (if you own Inventory) so your transition mapping will include the "Extended Pack".
  5. Lastly, the FANTASTIC NEWS that existing customers current on their enhancement plan now will get UNLIMITED Management Reporter Designers and Viewers with the Starter Pack!  So, no need to purchase additional Management Reporter licenses to plan for the upgrade to GP2013 and future implementation of Management Reporter!  I know many of my smaller clients who share their reports with many employees will LOVE this one!

If you want to move forward with some of these actions, contact Collins Computing, Inc. today or call your existing Microsoft Dynamics GP partner immediately!  You don’t want to be left WISHING you’d made these decisions earlier!

*These tips are based on Microsoft Published documents and conversations with Microsoft employees regarding expected pricing terms.

By Abra Lynne Gilman, Senior Consultant, Collins Computing – Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics Experts




3 thoughts on “5 Things Existing Microsoft Dynamics GP Users Need to Do NOW Before Prices Change!”

  1. Abra- i found out clarification from Microsoft. The Oct 1, 2012 date ONLY applies to new customers. If someone purchased their original Microsoft Dynamics GP system before October 1, 2012 anything they own (or buy before their upgrade) will be automatically mapped to the same, or superior, functionality in their version of Microsoft Dynamics 2013. Originally I thought existing customers had to purchase these modules by October 1, 2012 but this is NOT correct. You can purchase modules on the old MBL or BRL price list, with no penalty, any time before your Dynamics GP 2013 upgrade. The only deadline for October 1, 2012 is related to user license pricing tiers. I tried to clarify in my post: https://erpsoftwareblog.com/2012/09/7-ways-existing-customers-can-save-money-before-new-microsoft-dynamics-gp-2013-pricing-begins/

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