Who is Responsible for What? - Accountability in ERP Implementations

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When implementing a system like Microsoft Dynamics GP, everybody needs a role - a defined set of responsibilities which that person or persons will be accountable for during the project.  Generally, the business partner responsible for the implementation will define as part of their contract the role(s) they will play during the project and the tasks that will be included in the scope of work  provided.

That being said, it is equally important for an organization to create their own matrix of responsibilities for company personnel.   A few tips in creating this document include:

  • Break the project out by phase, such as Requirements Gathering, Functional Validation, Design and Development, etc.
  • List the team members involved across the organization.  Make sure all of the listed personnel understand the role they will play in the implementation.
  • Don't just assign responsibility - communicate to staff if they will be a participant or if they will be providing significant input for a specific phase of the project.
  • If certain departments/divisions have several team members included, assign "champions" in those departments to help motivate and garner buy-in from those involved.

As an organization, it is also helpful to have a member of your company be designated as the primary liaison to the business partner.  This will ensure that communication between organization(s) is kept constant and that someone within the company has overall visibility into the responsibilities that have been assigned and can work to make sure those with assigned duties are held accountable.

Deploying a new system is never easy.  Jackson Thornton Technologies understands this and works with companies to help develop and design project plans that ensure success.

by Jackson Thornton

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