Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Experts Prove Custom Applications Can Connect with Core Financials

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Many New England companies we work with, especially in the distribution industry, have custom, proprietary business specific applications that are critical to running their business.  Some ERP vendors may look at this old system and tell you to replace it with something shiny and new.  Unless the system is pitifully unreliable, we don’t recommend this.  Often this application has been fine tuned over many years to be exactly what your company needs and can even be your competitive advantage. Also, your team is familiar and comfortable with this system. 

But there can be two ways to increase the power of that proprietary system. Many times this system stands by itself, with no connection to other business applications, like the ERP/financial system. This means there is duplicate reporting, double entry and data in two places, which causes errors and inefficiencies. And it is just frankly annoying.  Or it could be that the system includes core financials, but they are not as powerful and feature rich as you would like. The answer is integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Microsoft Dynamics GP provides strong core financials, but is an open system so it can be customized to integrate or connect with your current system.

One example of this is Fusion Trade, a wholesale distributor of electronic and computer components based in Andover, Massachusetts.  They run lean, with a small but active team that generates over $2.5 million in revenue per employee.   Fusion Trade was using an old legacy “green screen” accounting software for their financials plus a separate proprietary trading and procurement system developed internally for inventory control.  This trading system is critical to their business. But the accounting system was no longer supported by the vendor, which put them in a precarious situation.  “The old technology was not getting any better, we were just band-aiding it.  But everybody was comfortable with the system, so we just kept saying we could go one more year, then another year. We rode it as long as we could,” recalls Brian Ronan, Controller, Fusion Trade.   

Fusion Trade evaluated several ERP packages and chose Microsoft Dynamics GP for core financials. And the next step was connecting it to their internal trading system.

The development team at CAL Business Solutions worked with Fusion Trade to create a direct link between Microsoft Dynamics GP and the internal sales and inventory system using Visual Studio .NET and eConnect.  “Every 4 hours data is automatically pulled from the internal system and builds GL, AP and AR transactions in Dynamics GP. And it keeps our large database of customers and vendors in sync,” Says Brian Ronan.  The integration does all of the needed data validation and sends an email alert to notify the Fusion Trade team to review and post the entries. No more double entry, no more missing information. And data is synced 7 days a week to keep up with international sales.

Fusion Trade now has a solid core financials application connected to their business critical industry system. They have technology and support they can rely on, allowing Fusion Trade to confidently grow their business.

Don’t just assume that you have to either 1) get rid of your custom system or 2) settle for double entry and disconnect.  The team at CAL Business Solutions are Microsoft Dynamics GP integration experts.  We have an internal team of developers skilled in using Integration Manager, eConnect, Visual Studio, .Net and Dexterity.  We feel confident that we can connect Microsoft Dynamics GP to just about any system out there – and we have the success stories to prove it. If you are a New England company that needs system integration, put us to the test.

Want to learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics GP integration story at Fusion Trade? 

Fusion Trade

Location: Andover, Massachusetts (MA)

Industry: Wholesale Distribution

Former System:  Daly Commerce


  • Easy to learn for a team resistant to change
  • Smooth integration between financials and internal system
  • Simplified monthly reconciliation  process
  • Confidence in vendor and support

Read Full Case Study: High Tech Distributor Eliminates Disconnect with Microsoft Dynamics® GP Integration to Custom Inventory Trading System at

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By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Experts

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