Leveraging Social Media to Boost Your E-Commerce

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Social media, it’s everywhere and plays a significant role in the way we as individuals interact not only with our friends and family, but how companies interact with customers and colleagues. IBM is estimating that the number of companies using social media to interact with their customers will more than triple within the next five years. Companies are finding new channels to communicate with their customers and get their message across, using sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Using Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is a 2-way street and it offers consumers another channel to voice their opinions about a company and its products and services. Whether it’s through a “like” or “retweet”, consumers are speaking their minds and companies are investing more time and energy into keeping the lines of communication open and making sure their customers’ voices are heard.

Here is one example of how even celebrities like Glee’s Lea Michele, can passionately support products they enjoy like Dr. Haushcka’s natural skin care products which are sold through an Azox integrated B2C e-commerce site.


Lea Michele Tweet

At Azox we have experience implementing e-commerce shopping sites for various retail companies, who in turn are using their own successful social media strategies to help engage their customers, reach new audiences and boost traffic back to their online shopping sites.

Download our free article “The Importance of Leveraging Social Media in E-Commerce”, and learn how retailers like Del Sol, Cariloha and Dr. Haushcka are interacting with customers, offering promotions, and using social media to help drive more business online.

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