Heads Up On Microsoft Plans for 2013

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Microsoft held their annual reseller conference in Toronto in early July, 2012.    With over 16,000 attendees from 153 countries, the Microsoft Ecosystem is alive and thriving.   Microsoft built their business on a strategy of reducing the cost of software while increasing the technology content and their new offerings continue this tradition.

This October, Windows 8 will be released.   This touch enabled system will change the way your desktop works forever.   It is tile based and interactive.   Tiles represent your email, music, pictures and other applications.   And the Windows 8 format will extend across tablets and the Windows Phone.    Some say this is catching up with Apple, and perhaps it is.   You will definitely want to check out Windows 8.

If you already have a laptop and a tablet, look for new hardware that docks the tablet as your screen to a traditional keyboard and ports base and voila, you have a laptop.    Grab the screen (tablet) and walk away with all your computing power in hand.   Really neat!!

Microsoft has a strong release plan on software, including CRM, ERP, Office, SharePoint and many, many others.    Office 365 is coming on strong in the cloud with a dramatic adoption rate.   Microsoft is introducing cloud versions of all their products at a dizzying pace.   Stay tuned.

by SSi Consulting, Maryland Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner

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