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If you haven’t looked at the Support Debugger tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP yet, then you are missing out on some great functionality.  I will tell you a secret about my favorite feature… its free!  Sometime when you get a free product you get what you pay for, but with the Support Debugger you will see it is so much more. The Support Debugging Tool was originally created in August of 2006 to resolve a critical case where data was being damaged, but no one could seem to figure out why or how.  This tool worked so well that they decided to release it to the dynamics community.  Build 9 was released in September of 2008, and they have been making it better and better since then.  They released build 15 in January of 2012, so as you can see there has been significant work done on this tool, and it is living up to its name as a ‘Support’ Debugger.

The Support Debugging tool has two modes,  Standard Mode and Advanced Mode. I am going to focus this blog on the Standard Mode.  The Standard Mode is a read-only mode that will help with application logging and provide resource and security information. Following are some of the features, and what they can do for you.

Manual Logging Mode:  Manually turn on SQL logging and Dexterity Logging and profiling with a single click. When you are running a process that you want to track, simply start the logging mode, and it can track your SQL traces, windows opened, and much more.  This is great when you are looking at performance problems and want to see why a process is running slowly. Not only can the administrator start a logging session, so can an individual user.

Automatic Debugger Mode: Automatically starts logging and watches for specified events. This means for those stubborn problems that you just can’t figure out when and what is causing an error, you can create a trigger that will automatically start the debugger logger to log and track all the windows and data, and create screen shots of the event.  It can even send this information in an email to your system administrator notifying him or her of the error, with all the information needed to track down and fix the problem.

Dex.ini Settings:  Automatically update the Dex.ini settings across multiple workstations. This will allow you to enable and disable third party products or change the order of the product in the launch file, and affect all users that have support debugger installed on their workstations.

Resource Information: Obtain Details of any Table, Form, Window, Field or Report resource for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Have you ever been writing a report, and wanted to find the information on a form, table or a window?  This is the feature for you.  It can also be used to track down security issues and find out what security is needed to perform a specific function. This feature can also provide information about non-dictionary resource security objects, such as customization tools, document access, letters, Microsoft Dynamics GP Import, Navigation Lists, Series Posting Permissions, and Smart list Objects.

Security Information:  Display Security settings for specific resources for a user and company. This allows you to find details about dictionary resources and other security objects, allowing you to assist in setting up new users and much more.

Screenshot: Capture and either email or save screenshots and system status information.  Have you ever had a time when you wanted to send a screen shot of the window you are in to your system administrator to track down a problem?  This feature will allow that with just the click of a mouse.  It will capture not only the window you are in, but all windows open in Microsoft Dynamics GP, as well as a system status report, and then either email or save the files.

Send Email: Send email messages from within Microsoft Dynamics GP. This function allows even those users that do not have a locally installed Outlook client to send emails to the system administrator.

These are just a few of the features in this incredible tool, and a little bit of information on those features.  Are you intrigued enough to take a closer look?  You will not be disappointed.  If you are interested in more information, call us at 801-436-6636.


Article by: Dave Bollard - Head of Marketing | 801-436-6636

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