Data Daydreams or Reality? Simple Financial Reporting.

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Simple Financial Reporting was a Daydream

I remember when I was an Accountant and Controller, it was shocking to me how difficult it was for the company to run what seemed the simplest financial reporting (how much did we sell, what were the commissions, what was the bottom line). For many of us who have worked for companies without an ERP system or with multiple systems that don't talk to each other, we have dreams of better data…

What if everyone could see current inventory AND what was already sold AND production plans AND sales all in the same database? Then,

  • The sales team would know what was available to promise AND it would be accurate!
  • Production would know what to schedule, and we would have enough product to fulfill orders, but not too much. (My accountant juices really get flowing when we talk about improving inventory turns!)
  • We could easily evaluate our customers and vendors to know which were contributing to the bottom line and which were causing issues – and we would know it before it was time to renegotiate the next contract!

What if we could identify trends before it was too late. Then we could…

  • Catch a slow paying account with increasing A/P before they filed for bankruptcy. (I’ve lived this one, it’s not pretty!)
  • Identify and reward vendors who have better on-time deliveries or better quality scores than their competitors.

My data dreams were endless. Want to know the best part of my ERP software job? Now I get to help folks fulfill their wildest dreams of better data. You might not think it  sounds like much, but you’d be wrong. The proof is in the smiles I leave behind when I tell them their data daydreams can become reality.

Aaron Kesteloot, eSoftware Professionals, an ERP Software Company in Oregon featuring eFood-ERP for Food Companies , NAV-X for Distribution and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

1 thought on “Data Daydreams or Reality? Simple Financial Reporting.”

  1. Some comapny offer some software for making reportsBut make sure before purchasing the soft make sure that the customer support is always available.They must teach the customer how to get around problems or documentation lapses with its software?

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