Addressing Sales Tax Compliance with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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You probably already know that Microsoft Dynamics GP can help with traditional sales-order processing.  From collecting detailed information about your customers to highly-visible tracking of orders all the way through shipping of your inventory, Dynamics GP can provide an incredible amount of detailed information regarding sales within an organization.

However as your business grows and sales increase, so do the requirements for sales tax compliance.  That's why it's important to understand all the taxability rules for your products and services, while knowing all the current tax rates for all the jurisdictions in which your company conducts business.

Dynamics GP can provide the robust sales processing functionality, and through partners such as CCH, it can provide automated sales tax compliance tools that can assist with complex sales tax requirements.  By reducing your audit exposure and ensuring compliance, CCH's sales tax solutions for Dynamics GP allows an organization to build on and leverage the investment a robust ERP.  Not only that, but CCH and Dynamics GP both give your business the option of onsite or cloud-based solutions.

If you have questions about Dynamics GP, CCH, or sales tax compliance in general, please contact Jackson Thornton Technologies or Jackson Thornton PC.

1 thought on “Addressing Sales Tax Compliance with Microsoft Dynamics GP”

  1. We were previously using STO for tax compliance in conjunction with our Dynamics GP 2010 system.

    We are testing our upgrade to DGP2013, but CCH is no longer willing to make modifications that are necessary to meet our needs.

    Do you have a comparable solution with another provider?

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