5 Key Steps to Preparing to Implement Dynamics GP 2013

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Microsoft has announced the upcoming release of Dynamics GP 2013, and there are many great new features to be looking forward to:  Web Clients, new pricing structures, availability across multiple platforms and browsers, deposits for Purchase Orders, and much more.  While Microsoft has not yet announced the final release date for Dynamics GP 2013, there are steps any company considering a purchase of Dynamics GP 2013 should begin taking now.

 Hardware and Infrastructure

With the addition of the new Web Client, your hardware and other infrastructure will need to be reviewed and possibly upgraded.  With Dynamics GP 2013, the Web Client can either be deployed as part of your company intranet, or you can securely publish Dynamics GP 2013 as a true internet application, allowing your employees remote access with just a browser.  While Microsoft has not yet released the final hardware requirements, you can review the hardware requirements for a high-end Dynamics GP 2010 implementation, as the GP 2013 hardware requirements will probably be very similar.

Licensing needs

As part of the release of Dynamics GP 2013, Microsoft has worked very hard to greatly simplify the licensing model.  There will only be 5 items on the price list for GP 2013:  The “Standard Pack”, the “Extended Pack”, a “Full User” license, a “Light User” license, and a “Configuration Pack”.  The Standard Pack includes your first 3 Full User licenses, and then you can purchase as many additional Full and Light user licenses as necessary.  With Dynamics GP 2013, all user licenses are concurrent, so you only need to purchase the number of licenses to accommodate your peak demands on the system.

Business Process Documentation

As part of any implementation of a new ERP system, it is vital to have a clear and concise understanding of the critical business processes within your company.  Just like when planning a trip, it is hard to come up with precise directions, if you do not know where you are starting from,  at TMC, we believe that a full Business Process Review is critical for maximizing the benefits of a new ERP system, and that process begins with a thorough documentation of your existing processes and systems.  As part of the planning and preparation for the implementation of Dynamics GP 2013, this documentation is a key task, but one that can be completed prior to the kick-off of the implementation project.  Knowing where you are today will make planning for your new future much easier.

Build your “wish List”

One of the by-products of completing your internal Business Process documentation is the identification of the various shortcomings of your current system(s).  Don’t discard this vital information, save it as a “Wish List” for your new Dynamics GP 2013 system.  One of your goals in implementing Dynamics GP 2013 should be to enhance your systems capabilities and your employee’s satisfaction, by incorporating as many items from your wish list as is (economically) feasible.  Don’t fall into the trap of simply recreating your existing system when you inplement GP 2013, get as much out of it as possible.  The Wish List defines all of the capabilities your employees need to perform at their best, and GP 2013 should be the vehicle you sue to deliver those improvements.

Data Clean-up

One of the key tasks in implementing GP 2013 will be to migrate some of your existing data into GP 2013 (Master Data like Customers and Vendors, and some transactional data like open Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, Open Purchase Orders, etc.).  Use this time ahead of the implementation project to identify those areas where you would like changes made (renumbering Customers and Vendors, changing the Chart of Accounts) and begin the planning for these changes now.  Identify duplicate records and create a plan for combining them into a single surviving entity, and purge as much old data as you safely can.  All of these steps will reduce the time and effort needed by the project team.

Building a great new system like Dynamics GP 2013 requires a great foundation.  Begin the planning and preparation process now, and save time and money once your project is underway.  At TMC, we have found that time spent in planning and preparation can significantly reduce the effort needed once the project is underway, and will greatly increase the benefits and satisfaction with the final product.

By TMC, your Southern California Dynamics GP Partner

5 Key Steps to Preparing to Implement Dynamics GP 2013

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