What is an ERP Consultant?

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An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consultant is either a contract employee or an employee who is part of a company that is hired to do any of the following: implement, upgrade, or support an ERP system.

The main function of the ERP consultant is to help organizations move to ERP software. A successful ERP consultant is able to understand a client's business process, to determine where ERP systems would be most useful.

ERP Consultants' relevant fields of study are information technology, business information systems, or management information systems. You have the option of letting a consultant help out with the full implementation of an ERP project, from matching your business requirements with the right software to managing change within the organization as a result of the software.

You know you have a good consultant when he/she is capable of communicating with users at all levels of the organization.

If you are looking for an ERP Consultant, contact WebSan Solutions Inc. we've got the experience and expertise you need to help lead you in the right direction. We ensure your new integrated ERP system will meet all your management, reporting, financial, and accounting needs, while also helping you to streamline processes and improve your overall business.

By: Natalie Williams, Marketing Coordinator, WebSan Solutions Inc., a Canadian Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner

1 thought on “What is an ERP Consultant?”

  1. My Requirement is to create Cue for “Remaining Amt (LCY)” field in Customer Ledger Entry Table for Invoice with one particular fiscal year (say april 22 – march 23). Since it is the flowfield I used the code as
    FieldClass = FlowField;
    CalcFormula = Sum(“Detailed Cust. Ledg. Entry”.”Amount (LCY)” where(“Document Type” = filter(Invoice), “Posting Date” = filter(‘-1Y’ .. ‘CD’)));

    But if I run the code, the value in the cue doesn’t match with the total sum of Remaining Amt (LCY) field with filter (Invoice and current year).

    As in reference If I try to use the code as
    Sum(“Detailed Cust. Ledg. Entry”.”Amount (LCY)” WHERE (Cust. Ledger Entry No.=FIELD(Entry No.),Posting Date=FIELD(Date Filter)))

    In my VS Code, I get error to use the above filter as Cust. Ledger Entry No.=FIELD(Entry No.). I cannot able to get correct filter to get exact value in the cue. Could you please tell me how to proceed with the filter to get the correct value in the Cues?

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