Meet Compliance Requirements with Advanced Human Resources in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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A mental health services agency needed to prove to the state that their employees all had the licenses and certifications required to do their jobs. Previously, the human resources department was tracking this information in an Excel spreadsheet and manually calculating expiration dates, a cumbersome process sometimes prone to inaccuracies. During an audit, they had to pull copies of each file for the auditors to verify information.

 To simplify the process, the human resources department began using Advanced Human Resources in Microsoft Dynamics® GP to track this information. Now, they just run a report for all licenses and certificates that are going to expire soon and send notifications to the employees to remind them to renew. The reports out of Microsoft Dynamics GP met the state credentialing requirements during a recent audit with minimal spot checks against the files.

 Do you need to have compliance tracking for government requirements or even for your own company requirements? Advanced Human Resources for Microsoft Dynamics GP can assist you with tracking certifications, licensing, training, and health and wellness data.

 You can automate the tracking of expiration dates for certifications, licenses, and training for each of your employees. This allows you to remind your employees in advance of upcoming renewals. 

 You can also track tests and immunizations using the Health and Wellness features of Advanced Human Resources. This information includes test results and renewal dates.

 If you use the Business Portal HRM Self Service Suite, your employees and managers will be able to view their personal certification and training information.  Visibility of renewal dates can be extended to all levels of your organization using Business Portal with Advanced Human Resources.

 As you enter the renewal information, Microsoft Dynamics GP also keeps track of the historical information for reporting purposes.

 You can create templates with multiple tasks for various types of incidents and assign tasks to follow up on injury and illness records.  You can even assign them to multiple employees who may have been involved in a single incident.

 With Advanced Human Resources, you can also enter Employee Benefits and Deductions with future effective dates which makes it much easier to manage your annual open enrollments.

 Consider adding Advanced Human Resources to your Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 implementation to take advantage of these time-saving compliance tracking features.

 By Donna Church, The Resource Group – Seattle, Washington Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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