5 Guides to Help You Manage and Grow Your Project-driven Business

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Don't miss the wealth of wisdom in this 5 Guides Resource Kit from Nuclear Research and Microsoft. Whether you're researching ways to improve your project accounting and government compliance or searching for a new system, the 5 Guides in this kit put you on a proven path.

1 - Independent Guide on
Microsoft Financial Management
and Project Accounting

2 - Top 10 Reasons for Choosing Microsoft Project Accounting

3 - Turn Your Business Vision
Into Reality

4 - Solution Capabilities of
Dynamics SL

5 - What's New with Dynamics SL 2011

"We now have one version of the truth. We provide information to clients, employers, and state and county government agencies with complete confidence in the validity of the data."

- Christopher Huerta, VP of IT, Lifeworks

"With Microsoft Dynamics SL, we are more educated in the profitability of a project earlier in the process, which allows us to make key decisions on the next steps."

- Brandon Hoog, Director, Harrison, Walker, & Harper

By Synergy Business Solutions, a West Coast Microsoft Dynamics SL partner.

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