11 Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Tools for Better Business Decisions

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“Life is just an endless chain of judgments.… The more imperfect our judgment, the less perfect our success.”  B.C. Forbes     

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 offers business intelligence, data analysis and reporting tools to help you make smarter business decisions. Having quicker and easier access to your data provides greater business insights and better judgments.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 offers the following business intelligence and reporting tools:

Business Alerts: can be set up to automatically notify you and your employees about business changes via e-mail or through Microsoft Dynamics GP. The notifications that you choose to generate can be selected from a series of sample alerts which can quickly be tailored to suit your specific needs. Additional alerts can be customized to assist with your company's unique requirements.

SmartLists: allows users to instantly create sophisticated ad-hoc queries to find detailed information about customers, vendors, inventory items, and employee records, as well as general ledger accounts.  The resulting records can be quickly exported to Microsoft Excel or Word.  Users can add macros to SmartList favorites to transform data as it exports to Excel.

SmartList Builder: expands the power of the SmartList by providing the tool to allow employees to build customized SmartLists that quickly link to Microsoft Dynamics GP and other data sources, and retrieve data according to defined criteria.

Executive Center Dashboard with Charts and KPIs: displays and monitors key business metrics, in real time, on a single, intuitive screen.

Microsoft Office Excel Reports: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 provides more than 220 built-in, refreshable reports that let business users’ work in the familiar Microsoft Office user interface.

Excel Report Builder: allows user to easily create and customize reports from multiple data sources, using the formatting and presentation capabilities of Microsoft Excel.

SQL Server Reporting Services: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 has 90 built-in Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services reports with a step-by-step reporting writing wizard that makes it more flexible and easier to deploy reports within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

SQL Server Report Builder: enables users to easily create new reports or modify the charts, key performance indicators, and report formats that are included in Microsoft Dynamics GP, without having to go to a developer.

Analysis Cubes for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Analysis Cubes Library: allows users to analyze information from multiple angles and formats with a report creation wizard for easy report creation, including pivot tables.

SQL Add-Ins for Excel: improves the user’s ability to perform predictive modeling, without requiring you or your employees to learn complex data mining concepts or techniques.

PowerPivot: delivers unmatched computational power by enabling users to analyze extremely large amounts of data within familiar applications.


If you would like to learn more about the business intelligence and reporting capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 go to www.turnkeytec.com .

By Carla Woods, at Turnkey Technologies, Inc. – Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP and CRM Partner

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  1. Hi, I want to see only currant year figures in GP Business Alerts for Accounts below Budget, how do I do this? Thanks in advance.

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