Technology Firm Improved Reporting & Efficiencies with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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An innovative technology company that provides network management and security solutions was quickly reaching the end of their accounting rope.  This nationally recognized managed network security service provider had outgrown their QuickBooks accounting system.

One of their largest clients includes all the automotive dealerships for an American automotive corporation.  Due to the large volume of data for this account alone, generating QuickBooks accounting reports would take an entire day.  The company also needed a solid integration between an internally developed billing/invoicing system and their financials. 


After reviewing several solution providers representing multiple business applications, this company reached out to a leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics since 1984, The TM Group, for answers. The company was impressed with the fact they could utilize industry standard tools their team already knew and also leverage their existing investment in the Microsoft platform.  This underlying technology combined with a proven financial package used by over 41,000 companies worldwide, made Microsoft Dynamics GP a perfect fit.


As a result of the switch to Microsoft Dynamics GP with its Management Reporter, the company reports that what used to take all day to generate now takes only minutes. Leveraging the company’s strong in-house technical capabilities along with some coaching from The TM Group’s development team, the company was also able to integrate their custom billing/invoicing system with Microsoft Dynamics GP themselves. With both systems integrated, it is easier and faster to apply cash receipts to the correct open invoices.


Remarkably, due to close collaboration with The TM Group’s deep and experienced consulting and development teams, the company was even up and running in 6 short weeks and at a much lower cost than other alternatives.


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