Sneak Peek into Microsoft’s ERP Roadmap for 2012

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Whether you already use Microsoft Dynamics® enterprise resource planning (ERP) for business or are considering taking the plunge, you need to know where the solution stands now and will stand a few years into the future.  Rest assured, Microsoft is a leader in the software industry and strives to continually improve software services.  They are constantly searching for ways to make their software function better and help businesses drive growth.

Microsoft has already released a second quarter update for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM which features new support for mobile devices.  The next Microsoft Dynamics CRM service update is scheduled to be released in the fourth quarter of this year with added social customer care and cloud-based data services.  A partnership with InsideView, a software-as-a-service social intelligence provider, will allow the InsideView platform to operate within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  This integration will allow businesses to analyze data collected from social media and internal data about customers – at no additional cost.

A cloud-enabled release of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 7 will be available this year as well.  The cloud-enabled version of Microsoft Dynamics® GP will soon follow and both will be using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.  Both NAV and GP will be available on-premise and cloud-enabled.  Hybrid solutions, the use of both on-premise and cloud options, is a popular demand and Microsoft will offer solutions that can meet these needs.

Microsoft strives to provide reliable ERP solutions that can meet the needs of today’s unique businesses.  With many different software solutions and deployment options, businesses of all sizes and from any industry are sure to find a Microsoft software solution that can match their business needs. Contact BDO Solutions for guidance on selecting the right Microsoft Dynamics ERP software solution for your business or for additional details about your upcoming ERP software updates.

By Jim Krahn with BDO Solutions, Leading Canadian Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Partner


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